theresagoodchanceicouldfly: "Where did the black and white gifset with Hunter nodding his head, saying something, and then laughing cone from?"

I’m sorry for the terribly late response but it’s from the Making of Storm Warning video which i got from (but for some reasons i can’t access that site anymore) try this too

Hunter Hayes @ 2014 CMA Festival | 06.08.14

"The stage is my comfort zone, and playing live is what I’ve always wanted to do"

Anonymous: "Hi just so ya know gif limit is 2mb now :)"

Hi. Ooh i did check on the gif limit before i posted and i saw someone saying 2mb is for 500px pictures:/ so i set mine under 1mb ugh. thanks for the heads up! :D

Hunter Hayes @ 2014 Country Music Hall Of Fame Inductees Announcement | 04.22.14